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Brazil Santos

Santos is a port city and a shipping port for a large amount of the world's coffee exports. Our Santos coffee is dry-processed: the pulp is left on the bean to be dried which allows the natural sugars of the coffee cherry to seep into the cup, producing a sweet, full cup. This coffee is an excellent mild cup, with the aforementioned sweet notes and low acidity. Price includes all shipping, handling, and sales tax.


Breakfast Blend

A blend of our finest Indonesian and Latin American to create a sweet, smooth coffee for that all-important first cup of the day. Price includes all shipping, handling, and sales tax.


Carreta Blend

A hearty blend of African and Latin American coffees for the consumer who wants a coffee with attitude. African coffees bring full bodied flavor that finishes with the subtler tones of our most delicate Latin coffees. Price includes all shipping, handling, and sales tax.


Colombia Superemo

Our Colombian Supremo Popayan specialty coffee is an excellent breakfast cup. With it's nutty tones and clean finish, this Popayan is one of our favorite coffees. Price includes all shipping, handling, and sales tax.


Costa Rica Lomas Honey

Lomas al Rio Honey coffee is a West Valley coffee with unique processing that leads to a complex cup, with caramel and citrus notes. This coffee is prized for its sweet, clean cup. It is laid out to dry with the sugary membrane still onthe bean, which makes for a unique coffee experience. Lomas Honey is one for the top of your list. Price includes all shipping, handling, and sales tax.


Ethiopa Harrar

Located in the far Eastern regions of Ethiopia, Harrar is the wild cousin of the original coffee discovered in Western Ethiopia. The cherries are sperad in the sun to dry until they turn dark, much like rasins. When completely dried, the dried fruit, mucilage and parchment are removed from the coffee bean in one step. This dry processing results in s cup that is medium bodied with fruit, spice flavors. Berry flavors and a sweetly floral finish, makes this a distinctive coffee. Price includes all shipping, handling, and sales tax.


Ethiopia Sidamo

Sidamo is a Province of the Yirgacheffe and produces a slightly different note to this coffee. Naturally washed, it has strawberry, and rasberry overtones, with a sweetness, and creamy finish. The acidity is nicely balanced, leaving a clean feeling on the tongue. Price includes all shipping, handling, and sales tax.


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Unlike its Harrar cousin, Yirgacheffe coffee is fully washer in a process that strips the skin and pulp from the coffee cherry before gently fermenting away the residual pulp on the bean. Also sun dried, the wet processing allows for a dright coffee with floral and citrus high notes. Intensely aromatic and smoothly mellow, Yirgacheffe is well-balanced, light and elegant coffee. Price includes all shipping, handling, and sales tax.


French Connection

This is our unique take on a french roast. We take a sweet, natural processed Central American add a dry processed South American to create a perfect "French Roast" with a smooth, rich, smokey note and NO bitter finish.


Genuine Jute Coffee Bags

This are the jute bags bulk green coffee beans are shipped in. They are approx. 36"x24" and are from the various coffee growing regions world wide. Bags can be used for decoration, storage, or what ever your imagination can dream up.

Bags are assorted countries, price includes tax and S&H


Guatemalan Huehuetenango

The high levels of humidity found in the region and the hot desert winds that flow across the border with Mexico into Huehuetenango are what make this region's climate so unique. It is this climate that causes the coffee plants to flower and mature homogeneously. This gives the cup a wine-like quality that is prized by coffee connoisseurs. Price includes all shipping, handling, and sales tax.


Leather and Jute Coffee Handbags

These handbags are hand crafted right here in Nashville TN USA. Constructed with genuine USA grain leather trim,solid brass hardware, fully lined, inside pockets for added storage. The hottest new fashion accessory can be yours.

Custom sizes and styles are available. Contact us for details.

Price includes tax and S&H


Mexican Natural Processed Decaf

As with all our natural processed coffees, this Mexican is no different. It is a full-bodied, complex cup that is sure to please with no caffeine. Price includes all shipping, handling, and sales tax.


Our House

A distinctive blend of Central American regions cobmined to create a coffee that is full bodied, that starts off crisp and finishes smooth as silk. Price includes all shipping, handling, and sales tax.


Out of Africa

A bold rich blend for Central and Northern African beans with a bright berry and citrus notes. We then added a blend of Central American to round out this complex cup with a clean smooth finish.


Rain Forest

This blend is a bolder cup, with hints of berry, and a sweetness. Slightly smokey and a light choloate finish. It is the best the forest has to offer


Roast of the Town

Roast of the Town is our award winning espresso blend. It is a very complex blend that brings the best offering of a world class espresso. Body, Heart, and Crema. Once you experience it, you will be hooked.


Sleepless in Seattle

A balanced blend of Latin American coffees that combines the inherent sweetness of naturally processed coffees with full bodied washed coffees. A special cup of coffee for both day and night. Price includes all shipping, handling, and sales tax.


Sumatra Mandheling

Coffee production began in Sumatra in the 18th century under colonial rule. First introduced around the Aceh region in northern Sumatra, most coffee is now grown around the Lake Toba region. Sumatran coffees derive their flavor from unique processing methods with multiple drying stages. First at the farm, then for a day or two at the middleman and finally and decisively at the exporter's warehouses in Medan. This staged drying undoubtedly contributes to the wild, earthy taste Sumatra drinkers love. Price includes all shipping, handling, and sales tax.


Tanzania Peaberry

Peaberry beans occur naturally in all coffee varietals when the coffee flower in only partially pollinated, leading to only one bean forming instead of the two we normally see. Peaberry coffees are created by manually separating the regular beans from the peaberry beans, usually with a series of metal screens of varying hole sizes. Tanzania Peaberry coffee is similar to its Kenyan cousin with delicate citrus notes, but has a dark chocolate finish. Price includes all shipping, handling, and sales tax.


Uganda AA

Nutty, sweet, and smoky fragrance with a thick body and a long, pleasant aftertaste. A well-balanced, clean cup with aromatic hints of flowers as it cools.